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No Carb Diet: The Benefits and Side Effects

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More and more people with common diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and problems related to the kidney are considering no carb diet as the best option. This kind of a diet eliminates the carbohydrates component of food while essentially retaining all the other nutrients. It is a bit challenging to change to diet without carbohydrates, especially for those who have had a liking for carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the major cause of obesity. It has been established that foods that people categorize as fatty, and think they are the cause of becoming obese, are less harmful than foods with high carbohydrate content. A simple explanation for this is that the body easily converts carbohydrates into glucose and body fats.

The blood sugar level will also naturally go up on taking carbohydrates. The body reacts to increasing levels of blood sugar by triggering the production of insulin by the pancreas in efforts to bring down the sugar levels to the normal. When this happens, the burning of body fats is hindered while more fats get deposited in various body parts. This also makes one feel a need to eat more. If one takes more foods high carbohydrate, the process repeats and this will lead to more and more fats being deposited.


No-Carb Diet Side Effiects

There is obviously a price to pay for the uncountable benefits that one is to get from adopting the no carbs lifestyle as it is not easy to make the change. However, a few days after adopting the new diet, one would realize that it is quite simple to stick to it. As compared to counting daily calories consumption, going for no carb foods is much hassle-free.

Dizziness, nausea and sometimes headaches could result from changing to no carb diet. These uncomfortable feelings are common during the early stages of changing to this diet as the energy levels are low due to reduced carbohydrates. These bad feelings are however short lived and after a successful adaptation of the body to the new diet, one will enjoy an improved bowel movement, a regulated level of blood sugar and an increase in energy.

There is also something of importance to women, specifically, when it comes to food without carbs. The menstrual flow may experience some odds in the early days of changing to no carb foods. After which the flow during menstruation is highly reduced and someone is likely to have less painful menses.

You can considerably reduce the side effects of no carb diets by making sure that you have enough sleep during the initial stages. Taking a lot of water can also help lessen the severity of the effects. You should also take small amounts of food at regular intervals to ensure that you do not go hungry Ė just donít overfeed.


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