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Low Carb Snacks: Ready-made vs. Homemade

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It is fairly common to associate the term diet with starvation and deprivation. It is a dreaded word almost akin torture. Fortunately, sensible eating plans like the low carb plan emerged – and are now redefining how society perceives “dieting”.

Diet refers to the kind and quality of food we eat. It’s not all about portions and weights and measures. The low carb diet focuses more on what you should eat and what to consume less of . You still enjoy you’re three square meals a day, as well as healthy low carb snacks.

Since low carb food is not exclusive to adults, even children or adolescents (especially those who are already overweight or have metabolic problems) are encouraged to look for healthier snack options.

Yes, it is never too early to start educating your kids about the hazards posed by rich cakes, ice cream, chocolate and candy. While they should not be deprived of those child hood treats – they should be viewed that way – treats enjoyed on rare and special occasions.


Low Carb Snacks – How Good are Ready-to-Eat Products?

There’s nothing to fear though, low carb snacks and treats are widely available in the market, and hardly taste any differently from their regular.

There is a wealth of snack options available for people on low carb diets and some have sworn by their quality and freshness. There are also others who turn to ready-to-eat snacks because they miss the comfort food they have grown up with. Nowadays low carb versions of “potato chips” and other well-loved goodies are being developed for the benefit of health-conscious consumers.

But the amount of carbs present in them vary from product to product. Moreover, the ideal low carb snack must ideally have healthy fat, protein and fiber, and there are those which lack one or two of these – you wouldn’t know until you read everything printed in the labels.

Kids however, are more impulsive and can’t be expected to consider nutrition before putting something in their mouths. It is because of this that most parents who have espoused the low carb lifestyle opt to pack low carb snacks for their kids – and often bring them to work themselves.


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