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Low Carb Breakfast: Quick and Easy Choices

Making the switch to a low carb diet plan is a huge commitment. Unlike the hundreds of “fad diets” circulating on the internet which promise results after only days of dieting, going low carb requires a total lifestyle change.

If before, you don’t think twice about grabbing a regular blueberry muffin for your morning espresso, now you would have to take note of each and every thing that you put into your mouth. Low carb diets don’t intend to starve you with very tiny portions of food, neither will it make you endure long periods without eating. Instead, what the low carb diet promotes is a healthy, sensible, and sustainable nutrition program which you can adhere to for a very long time – even for the rest of your life.

The idea behind the low carb eating program is that people have been consuming far more carbohydrates than our bodies really need. As we all know, anything that we don’t use ultimately ends up being stored as flab, fat, or a few extra pounds every year. What a low carb eating plan teaches us is to simply consume the type and amount of food that our bodies actually need – and cut back, or totally eliminate – those that are unnecessary.


Low Carb Breakfast: Starting Your Day Right

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Low Carb diet newbie says the struggle to sustain the new lifestyle occurs most often during breakfast and snack time. People are just so used to eating stacks of pancakes, bowls of cereal and toasting sliced white bread every morning that the idea of making over their breakfast routine seems daunting. But have no fear, preparing a low carb breakfast is easy, quick, and simple.

You don’t really have to stop eating all the breakfast foods you love (with the exception of course of hash browns and other potato dishes) when you go low carb, you just have to choose the healthier alternative.

Take breads, for example. Bread is regular breakfast fare because it is filling, easy to prepare and readily available. The low carb breakfast alternative would be to replace your usual white bread with a low carb one – these kinds of bread contain much lesser sugar and is baked using a different type of flour or dough mixture.

Here are a couple of low carb breads you can either buy or make yourself.

Basic Flax Meal Focaccia Bread or Low Carb Sugar-Free Cranberry Nut Bread - This variation of the cranberry nut bread, makes use of almond flour. This alternative is not only low carb, but is also gluten-free and sugar-free.

You may also opt to buy whole-wheat breads from the supermarket and use them for sandwich, or to go with your favorite scrambled eggs.


Low Carb Breakfast on the Go

As with any other diet plan, the low carb program is a strong proponent of eating a solid breakfast. This is because non-breakfast eaters have been proven to snack more throughout the day, or, binge eat during lunch or dinner to make up for the skipped meal.

If you don’t have time to prepare your own breakfast, you can always buy low carb and pastry products and eat them on the go. Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of flavors and combinations to choose from which include low card muffins and doughnuts and even biscuits and pound cakes.

Another low carb breakfast option is the shake or smoothie. This is not only nutritious and filling, but takes practically no time to prepare and can be enjoyed while you drive your car to work.


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