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Low Carb Milk for Low Carb Diet

If you want to go on a low carb diet, the first thing that you probably have to avoid is milk. Milk is filled with a lot of carbohydrates which will eventually ruin your whole diet plan. Imagine having to work out those extra pounds everyday and putting them on again in just a day or two. These are certainly time-consuming, since you have to undergo the same process all over again.

Any type of food which involves milk should certainly be avoided too if you are in a low-carb diet. Dairy products such as cheese or butter may also contain a considerable amount of carbohydrates, but they do not contain as much as normal milk does. You can seek of other alternatives for your favorite milk. These are excellent replacements for the milk you always love to drink.


Milk without Carbs

There are several brands in the market which offers milk without those nasty carbs which you rather do without. One great brand is Hood’s Calorie Countdown products. This line of product of Hoods is certified to give you quality milk but now without the carbs that you always worry about. For one, this type of milk tastes the same as normal skim milk, but this is definitely healthier. There are even different variants to choose from, including chocolate flavored milk which will definitely tickle your taste buds. With this brand, you can be sure that you can have at least seventy five percent of carbohydrates, which can drastically put off several pounds from your weight. This is certainly great if ever you are undergoing a strict diet of any kind, and not just for those who are under a low-carb diet. Not only does this product take off the extra pounds, but it is also delectable. So if ever you are craving to have a gulp of your favorite milk, then no need to fret, because Hoods is a great alternative for it.


Low Carb Alternative for Milk

Soy milk is another healthy alternative. If you are ever seeking for low carb milk, then soy milk is probably one of the things that you should get your hands on. Soy milk is not technically considered as a form of milk, since the end product is produced by soaking dry soybeans and grinding them with water afterwards. As a result, a stable emulsion of oil, protein and water is produced. If you are keen on the taste of how you want to have your milk, you may not find soy that attractive to the taste. Eventually, some get used to the taste of the soy in no time.

Yogurt is another option for low carb milk. Some yogurts may contribute to lose some weight and trim down those fats, especially the ones in your tummy. But nevertheless, be aware of the ingredients which are put in yogurts. Some manufacturers already add considerable amount of other ingredients in yogurt, so even if the yogurt is proven to help lose weight, the materials used in it may do otherwise.


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